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Deerfield’s First Snow Day In Decades

Each year, Deerfield, Massachusetts gets an average of 43 inches of snow. Despite this formidable annual snowfall, this year marked the first snow day in recent Academy history. Henry Cobbs When Director of Security David Gendron expects a storm, he closely tracks it and consistently updates Head ...


Dress-Down Fridays

With Head-of-School Margarita Curtis’s announcement about the elimination of dress-down Fridays in January, students and faculty alike are voicing their opinions on how this change will affect them and the school. Taking away this more-than-25-year-old tradition has prompted a range of reactions, ...


Break Out the Happy Lamps

In the frigid months of October through April, it sometimes seems like the cold weather is sent to Deerfield simply to give us something to gripe and moan about. But the resultant aura of depression can become a reality for adolescents already high-strung and overworked. Deerfield, a traditionalist ...


Necessary Snow Days

Snow days now mean one of three things: spending a sleepless night on the floor of a friend’s dorm room, sitting at home doing homework and feeling guilty for missing school, or waking up early in anticipation of a dangerous drive to Deerfield through the unplowed streets.

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Winter Thank You’s

Thank you to our groundskeepers and physical plant for working through the winter and helping keep the campus comfortable and safe.


Winter Traditions

Just a short list of winter traditions that we cherish at Deerfield…


Save Winter Dress Downs

Not only are the days a part of a “stress free” winter initiated by the peer counselors, but the days are one of the few times students are permitted to dress casually for class.


Grounds Crew: Thank You!

Thank you to the Grounds Crew for your hard work in keeping the campus clean this winter.


Winter Term: It Can Only Get Better, Right?

Spring at Deerfield is a looming beacon of hope for every student who feels they are slipping into hopelessness as the snow continues to fall and the path to the Koch center becomes more and more treacherously icy.