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The True Value Behind Deerfield Trips

Deerfield students and faculty members often ask me about my experiences on Deerfield trips. They ask about my adventures abroad and love hearing personal anecdotes from my trips to Tanzania in 2014 and Oxford in 2015. Many often question which trip I enjoyed more. Although most of the time I tell ...


Deerfield Teachers to Travel to World Cup

This June, Dean of Faculty John Taylor, Spanish teacher Stephen Taft, faculty spouse John Friends and a friend of Mr. Friends will travel to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The group of four has played on an indoor soccer team for multiple years, and they decided that this summer it would be ...


SYA Students Explore the Globe

Imagine having your Spanish classroom be a café in Madrid, or being able to practice your Chinese while shopping at Xui Shui Jie in Beijing. Students at SYA (School Year Abroad) experience just ...