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High-Speed Interactions

In our generation, we live our lives at full speed. We use high speed internet and instant messaging so we can get information the second it becomes available. We have even changed the English language to suit our fast-paced needs. Words like “are” and “you” have been shortened to ...


The Timelessness of Books

“To be or not to be?” or “I think therefore I am,” or “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Educational technology cannot help us as we face these three existential conundrums. Everyone must respond to them alone. Once one articulates a position, she might turn to educational ...


A Savage Defense of Technology

Over the past year, the Language Department, under the leadership of Ms. Invernizzi and with the patient support of Mr. Taft, has engaged in an incentive to incorporate technology into our curricula. Language teachers have grown accustomed to iPads and software solutions which enhance the teaching ...


Endless Possibilities

There is a certain feeling associated with holding a worn, leather-bound book and carefully turning its textured pages that I just don’t get while clutching a cold and fragile tablet. There is a certain depth and weight to books that create a sensation of trust between the author and reader that ...


RE: "What Happens Over in ITS?"

One of our goals at ITS is to make sure that you have a fully functional laptop for school use. All students are issued a Deerfield laptop when they start school at DA. This is the laptop for which we provide unlimited support and we will always make sure you can get your school work done on it.