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To The New And Returning Students

To the new students on campus, we’re excited to welcome you into the family that is Deerfield. You provide the great energy that comes with fresh starts in life. Here at The Scroll, we believe that Deerfield’s community is the way that it is because of the students who take chances, so we urge ...


Communal Spaces Solve Gender Divide

If there were more open spaces for students to get to know one another in an unstructured setting, it might be easier for students to have friends of the opposite gender without being labeled as a couple.


Watch It! Deerfield and TV

Though each dorm has a television, students said they watch shows online when they can fit it into their schedules.


A Blanket of Stress in the Pocumtuck Valley

The blanket of stress that fills the Pocumtuck Valley this year is at a record high and, while propositions are being considered to reduce stress, a campus-wide conversation needs to begin if we want to reduce stress levels to a reasonable level.