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President Klehm Discusses Agenda

I am honored to write this article at the request of The Scroll to address certain issues such as our current election process and the no-AP trial last year. I hope that readers will find it informative about Student Council initiatives in the upcoming year. Personally, I believe that our election ...


The No-AP Trial: What Happened?

In April, the Deerfield community implemented a No-Accountability-Points trial, during which APs were not given to students for missing commitments. The Student Council devised this plan to see if students could be held accountable without the force of Accountability Points. This meant that if a ...


New Student Council Leaders Elected

For the 2013-2014 academic year Tripp Kaelin ‘14 will follow Cleo Siderides ‘13 as student body president, and Maggie Shilling ‘14 will succeed Teddy Romeyn’s ‘13 place as the student council ...


Respect Gets a Second Look

Students and faculty members congregated in the Black Box Theater on February 9 and held a forum to discuss respect as it applies to the community.

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Student Council is currently working on a principle addressing respect that will examine its applicable meaning and the importance of its presence in a community.


Day Students Finally Vote in Reps

After almost a term without a representative because elections were postponed from last spring, day students elected Hannah Wulkan ’12 and Annie Klink ’13 as their student council representatives.


New Leadership Takes Office

Theo Lipsky ’12 and Charles Jones ’12 will step up next year as student body president and student council chair, respectively.


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