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Chamber Singers Shift Key

This winter the music-co- curricular run by Music Director Daniel Roihl has expanded its repertoire and has many more students involved. The group now includes 14 students: 10 girls and 4 boys, with representation from every grade level. “Last year it was all seniors, so that gave the group a ...


Chamber Singers Enjoy a Harmonious First Year

The Chamber Singers strike a pose. The Chamber Singers began this fall as Music Director Daniel Roihl’s experiment. Mr. Roihl handpicked singers Sierra Janik ‘13, Chris Lin ‘13, Julie Harris ‘13, Hyun Yang ‘13 and Kristy Hong ’13 for the group. Mr. Roihl chose the students for their ...


Artist of the Issue: Sierra Janik

Since she came to Deerfield two years ago, Sierra Janik has been featured as the advanced madrigal choir’s soloist in a variety of pieces, including Fauré’s Requiem and the spiritual “Ride the Chariot.”