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School Meeting Gets a Makeover

We enthusiastically applaud the new School Meetings in the Hess Auditorium. It is clear that considerable time and thought have gone into improving these weekly assemblies. After all-time low attendance last year, partly due to the location in the West Gym, the new Hess Center provides a space that ...


Chinese New Year Fashion Show Stirs Reaction

Heralding the Chinese New Year, the Asian Student Alliance (ASA) presented a fashion show during School Meeting oil February 5. The effort to formally celebrate and acknowledge this important day in the Chinese calendar drew a mixed response from both students and faculty. ASA President Anthony ...


Administration, Ball’s In Your Court

The lethargy at School Meeting these days is palpable, starting with the lackluster senior cheer and ending with the shambly singing of our school songs. This lack of energy, however, might be attributed to how predictable—and consequently wasteful school meeting has become. So The Scroll ...


Limited Time at School Meeting Stirs Controversy

The Gay Straight Alliance asked to allot time for their annual Coming Out Day ceremony at school meeting but could not be accommodated, due to an ongoing attempt to make school meetings more efficient and valuable.


Coming Out Day, Still in the Closet

As an important day to many people, what kind of message does it send to our community that Coming Out Day has yet to be mentioned?