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Respect For All

Recently there have been some incidents that have drawn the attention of students to the need for mutual respect and protection of privacy between teachers and students on campus. We at The Scroll believe that strong ties between students and teachers are essential to the Deerfield community. ...


Mixed Messages About Sex on Campus

“Consensual sexual intimacy, while a normal and healthy aspect of adult life, is not appropriate for adolescents and is not permitted for students at Deerfield.” Wow, Deerfield approaches the issue of sex like an uncomfortable parent. A parent who’s, like, 69 years old and never had a ...


A Defense of Propriety

The real problem with the Deerfield dress code lies in the inability of students to follow the dress code. If girls would follow the dress code fully, there would be more mutual respect between students and faculty, rather than teachers placed in an awkward position where they either have to let it ...


Kaelin Urges End of APs and More Student Responsibility

Good evening everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to speak about a topic that has been recently nagging at both students and faculty alike. Every year, I feel as if I hear the same story about a different prep school. It usually involves 20 or more students getting kicked out, and ...


Watch Your Mouth

This spring term many members of this community have spoken up about what respect means to them and when they feel we, as the student body, lack respect. A large part of respect deals with vocal and physical language.


Respect Gets a Second Look

Students and faculty members congregated in the Black Box Theater on February 9 and held a forum to discuss respect as it applies to the community.

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