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The Future Of Deerfield: The Master Plan

Last year, Deerfield’s administration sent a survey to students inquiring about which areas of campus needed improvements or additions, and which areas were strongest. The results have been instrumental in helping facilitate a “Master Plan” to improve the quality of life at the Academy. ...

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Administration Plans Athletic Facility Renovations

After the reconstruction of the Hess Center and revitalization of the arts programs, Deerfield is now turning its focus to athletics. Based on last year’s survey of students about facilities that needed the most improvement, the administration has decided to move forward in the plan to renovate ...


Boyden Library Renovation

Recently, the Board of Trustees approved the decision to renovate the Boyden Library beginning at the end of the 2015 school year. The Library, traditionally one of the most frequented places on campus by both students and staff, will undergo a complete revitalization that will reconfigure and ...


Library Scheduled For Renovation

The Board of Trustees recently finalized the decision to renovate the Boyden Library. The Library, undoubtedly one of the most utilized places on campus by both students and staff, will undergo a complete revitalization that will reconfigure and refurbish the existing internal layout. According to ...


Controversy Over the Hess Center

On September 19, after a yearlong construction effort, Deerfield students, faculty and benefactors gathered in the Hess Auditorium for the Hess Center dedication. Upon seeing the Von Auersperg Art Gallery, Elizabeth Wachsman Concert Hall and the conspicuous Hess plaque in the building’s lobby ...


Mem Transforms into Hi-Tech Hess

After a year of construction, the Hess Center, formerly known as the Memorial Building, is open for the Deerfield community to enjoy. Faculty officially moved into the new facility in mid- August, and now students can make the space their own. Additionally, the $33 million project—funded entirely ...


Memorial Building: Not Just a Memory

The Memorial Building renovation is progressing as scheduled and should be completed by mid-summer, in time for the 2014-15 school year. The opening of the renovated Memorial Building marks a new chapter for the arts at Deerfield. Indeed, “the Visual and Performing Arts Department is on the verge ...


Plans to renovate Memorial Arts Building underway

“The renovation of the Memorial Building will highlight the importance of music, dance, the visual arts and theatre in a liberal arts education, and ensure that our students enter adulthood and the workplace with the artistic sensibilities that will lead to productive, fulfilling lives,”


Mold in the Russell Gallery Threatens Artworks

With the humidity of the Pocumtuck Valley, and the fact that the Russell Gallery’s paintings are kept in a vault in the basement of the Memorial Building, mold has become a pressing issue.


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