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Lifetime Trustee David Koch Speaks Exclusively to The Scroll

Click Here for the full transcript from the interview with David Koch. Since his time as a student at Deerfield Academy, David Koch ’59 has spent much of his time and revenue giving back to the community he once called home. Current president of the Board of Trustees, Phillip Greer, commented, ...


Letter from the Editor: Choate Controversy

I realize now that it was inappropriate to publish these derogatory, pointed remarks, and I apologize to all those offended. I regret that the tone of the “Here and There” special issue, which included thoughtful reflections from alumni and current students, was tarnished by this small part of the edition…


Letter to the Editor: Choate Controversy

I have just received the November 11 issue of The Scroll which does not express the Deerfield Academy I once knew. The juvenile article about Choate and its students is a fall from the grace I did not expect from The Scroll, the school and the students.


Sports Editorial: Choate Controversy

I feel it is my duty as the editor of the sports page to share some of my thoughts on the immediate criticism of and disdain for the unfortunately infamous “Choate quotes” article that was present in the November 11th issue of the Scroll.


Re: “Israel’s Right to Defense,” February 4, 2008

My interest in commenting on the well-written article is not to negate the important Jewish considerations in this eternal, seemingly unresolvable, conflict, but simply to continue to ask all members of this community to first name and question our own biases before affirming them as fact…


Letter from the Editor

I look forward to working with the talented editors of the 2009-2010 staff maintaining and adding to the legacy of The Scroll. To reach our goals for this volume, however, we need your opinions, ideas, and constant feedback…