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Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, I write to elaborate on the article, “Land Acquisitions Upset Locals”, in the October 15th edition of the Deerfield Scroll. The Academy, like non-profits and educational institutions across the country, benefits from tax-exempt status for many of its properties. But looking at tax ...


Krugman ’09 Speaks Out Against Kochs

Dear Students, Faculty Staff, Alumni and Friends, I think that I speak for many alumni when I express concern at the outsized power David Koch enjoys legislatively and culturally at Deerfield Academy today, in light of his appointment to an unprecedented lifetime position on the Board of Trustees. ...


Re: "Seniority as More Than a Hierarchy” September 9, 2011

The negative responses “Seniority as More Than a Hierarchy” received from the class of 2011, amongst those of other extended community members, are due to the gross generalizing of the past senior class as well as a general tone of condescension in the end of the article.


Letter to the Editor

Philip Greer, President of Deerfield Academy’s Board of Trustees, responds to a recent Scroll article.

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Re: “Deerfield, Pay Attention!” December 16, 2009

During my freshman year, it seemed that every school meeting and sit-down meal was followed by a number of club announcements—both those to notify its members about meeting times and also those to inform the rest of the community about the club’s activities.


Re: “Religious Controversy Surrounds Annual School Tradition,” December 16, 2009

It disturbs me when Deerfield faculty and students oppose an event because it makes them feel “uncomfortable,” especially an event that is diverse in its religious and nonreligious readings. As a recent graduate of Deerfield and former conservative activist on campus, I can attest to the numerous times I felt uncomfortable as a student.


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