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Reflections from the First Captain Deerfield: Tom Mathews ‘96

Captain Deerfield Tom Mathews ’96 in costume with cheerleaders Pat Graney and Andy Sweetland performing an original song on Choate Friday. On the Original Costume (In 1995): “It was a very bare bones operation – just myself in a very mediocre homemade (or I guess dorm-made) outfit that ...


Interview With Alex Killorn ’08

Deerfield alumnus Alex Killorn ’08, now a center on The Tampa Bay Lightning, made a name for himself this summer during the NHL fight for the Stanley Cup. Rachel Yao Killorn was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, although his family moved to an area just outside Montreal when he was very young. Later, ...


Full Transcript from David Koch Interview

Scroll: You were born and raised in Kansas—how did you find Deerfield from there? And as a follow-up, can you talk a little bit about your time at Deerfield (what made it so special, the highs, lows, any funny anecdotes). Mr. Koch: I attended a public grade school in Wichita, Kansas. The public ...


Lifetime Trustee David Koch Speaks Exclusively to The Scroll

Click Here for the full transcript from the interview with David Koch. Since his time as a student at Deerfield Academy, David Koch ’59 has spent much of his time and revenue giving back to the community he once called home. Current president of the Board of Trustees, Phillip Greer, commented, ...


Interview with Dean Marjorie Young: Inclusivity or Division?

Scroll: What is your job description? MY: My job is to help Deerfield Academy think about all issues related to diversity – gender, ethnicity, race, religion – and help the administration look at how we are addressing all these issues. I get to work with everybody on campus, Dr. Curtis ...


Riley Ennis Speaks About Deerfield, Personal Goals

Scroll Editorial Associate Jon Victor ’14 interviewed Convocation Speaker Riley Ennis this past fall. Mr. Ennis, the CEO of a biotechnology startup that aims to find a vaccine against cancer, reflected on his experience at Deerfield and his own personal goals.