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The Academy Releases Detailed Report on Hindle Investigation

An inpendent legal firm hired by the Academy has recently concluded its investigation of the allegations against Peter Hindle, Deerfield math teacher from 1956 to 2000. The investigation confirmed statements against Mr. Hindle as well as accused Bryce Lambert, another former teacher in the English ...


Praise for Transparency

In dealing with the accusations that former teachers Peter Hindle and Bryce Lambert engaged in inappropriate acts with students during their tenures at Deerfield, the school exercised a policy of complete transparency. The Scroll appreciates the administration’s efforts to keep developments out ...


Alumni Respond to Hindle Investigation

Yes, I knew Mr. Hindle very well. I got to know him because he was the dorm master where most of my close friends lived, so I spent a lot of time on his hall. My friends and I thought he was great. I used to go to Mr. Hindle for help on my math homework because he not only taught me the material, ...