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Feminism Club Disclaimer: We Don’t Hate Men!

On September 2, Deerfield student leaders met for training on Sustained Dialogue. During one of the exercises, we were asked to stand on one side of the Koch Starfield if we believed there were instances of sexism at Deerfield, and the other if we did not. Interestingly, it was a pretty even split ...


It’s Not the Girl’s Fault

For Commencement, girls wore cute, playful white dresses while boys wore serious, dark coats and ties. During the DeNunzio Disco, girls felt humiliated undergoing “spandex checks” by faculty while boys were not reprimanded for taking off their shirts. Girls here constantly have to worry about ...


Wanna Have A Sleepover?

Established gender roles, in tandem with the peculiar hook- up culture specific to Deerfield, work to create convoluted gender relations at our school, both inside and outside of the classroom. When asked to identify the culprit behind it all, some point to student culture, while others instead ...


Gender Imbalance Leaves Lonely Ladies

Despite only returning to coeducation in 1989, last year Deerfield admitted more girls than boys. Secondary schools and colleges nation-wide are showing signs of gender imbalance.


Problem or Not, Let’s Talk Gender

Invitations to a series of co-gender discussion groups last week met with few—and initially all-female—responses, and of the twelve students signed up for last Monday’s meeting, only two showed.


Examining the Deerfield “Gender Issue”

Last year Ms. Curtis was approached by Hillary Hoyt ’09 and Elizabeth Schieffelin ’09, who explored the gender dynamic for an independent study project. They expressed both their concerns and their hopes for the future experiences of Deerfield students.