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Can Dating Be More Than ‘Netflix And Chill’?

At school meeting on Wednesday, January 11, Dean of Students Amie Creagh shocked many students when she raised concerns about a subject many at DA consider taboo—dating. It’s no secret that in our community there are limited options for “dates,” a problem Ms. Creagh believes prevents ...


For the Girls?

I would like to start this article with a disclaimer. The following op-ed is made up of the opinions of a 17-year-old boy in high school. In no way, shape or form was this written to offend anyone or anyone’s beliefs. These are merely my observations and opinions. You can ignore them or take them ...


Gal Pal

Dear Margo, Rita, and Curtis, I don’t have any friends of the opposite sex here. Why? Sincerely, Gal searching for a pal Assuming you’re not a giant jerk (i.e. listening to Nickelback, turning on read receipts, and initiating a college conversation, then saying you’re “not telling ...

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Is A Hug Too Intimate?

The other day, while I was hugging my boyfriend goodnight, a security guard drove by. He looked at us, turned away and drove ...


Noh Uncovers Sexism Behind Dress Code

Dress code has been a point of dispute for countless years, so much so that it’s becoming a trite conversation. It is time for a fresh new voice. Enter ...