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An Original Tebeau Production

For four years, Josh Tebeau ‘16 has been working on a documentary entitled Picking Up the Pieces, now on the verge of completion. The film is a collection of stories from child survivors of the Holocaust, a synthesis of how they recovered from and rebuilt their lives after tremendous hardship and ...


Big Green Aims For The Silver Screen

Over 25 Deerfield students have begun filming Novacane {sic}, with the ambitious goals of screening it at film festivals. Written and directed by Dane Scott ’16, the movie centers on teenager Charlie and her spiral into a life of crime as she searches for answers concerning her mother and ...


Yueniversal Films

This October, Emily Yue ’16 captured the attention of hundreds in Times Square, New York City, winning the Best Rising Female Star film award. AMC Theaters hosted their second annual All-American High School Film Festival, where Yue made her claim to fame in the film realm. Yue went from filming ...


Lights, Camera, Action! Widdies 2011

The annual student film festival and awards ceremony, the Widdies, was hosted by Mary Cherna ’12 and Nolan Doyle ’12 on the evening of May 14.