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Departing Faculty Members Chart a New Course

All of the faculty members below will be moving on to a new stage in their life, whether that is retirement, a new school or a new career. Click Here to read about Dan Roihl and Susan LaScala. RETIRING Robert Moorhead (Visual Arts) Robert Moorhead began his Deerfield career as a visual arts and ...


New Assistant ADs Are Star Athletes

Both Drew Philie ‘09 and Caroline Stedman have joined the Academy as Deerfield’s new Assistant Athletic Directors. While they play different sports, they both bring a new enthusiasm to the Athletic Department. Philie returns to the Deerfield Valley after graduating from the University of ...


Welcome, New Faculty!

  Left to right (top): Peter Hynds, Marjorie Young, Jael Hernandez-Vasquez, Mark Spencer, Jamie Bucci, Charlotte Patriquin, Drew Philie, Jaime Correa, Left to right (bottom): Nicholas Hall, Asvelt Nduwumwami, Lauren Brozovich, Caroline Stedman, Anna Steim, Neil Jacobs, Haley O'Neil, Not ...


Familiar Faces Off to New Beginnings

As each Deerfield school year passes, new faces come and familiar ones go. An entire class of seniors rise up and graduate, leaving behind their legacy like empty rows of bleachers for the remaining classes to fill. The same goes for faculty members at Deerfield, who graduate and move away to start ...


Campus Love Stories

Although it probably hasn’t crossed your mind, your science or English or math teachers might just be real romantics with exciting stories to tell.


It’s in the Stars

Everyone has a true love story to share, including members of the faculty.


Bittersweet Farewells

This year we will say goodbye not only to the class of 2012, but also to the following teachers and friends: science teacher David Howell, Admissions Associate Sigrid Howell, history teacher Karen McConnell, science teacher Julie Cullen, English teacher Gina Apostol, science and Health Issues teacher Brian Fry, and English teacher Louise Kinder.


Not Only Seniors Say Goodbye

This year Deerfield bids farewell to some great teachers and staff, among them science teachers Mark Acton and Steve Anderson, Associate Director of Admissions Benjamin Hamilton, math teacher Joel Jacob, fine arts teacher and theater director John Reese, and science teacher Lauren Veit.


John Reese Resigns

After 27 years at Deerfield Academy, Theater Director John Reese will resign at the end of this school year.


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