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Athletic Exemptions: Yay Or Nay?

Over the past decade, prep schools have noticed a shift from athletes playing two or three sports a year to highly competitive athletes honing their skills in one sport. Sports exemptions are becoming increasingly popular every year, because specialization is on the rise. In order to be the best at ...


Fall Exemptions

This fall, the Co-curricular Committee granted 32 students exemptions from participating in sports, dance, theater, community service, or yearbook. Twenty-one of those students had art exemptions, while 11 pursued other passions. After completing his own film during the exemption, Dane Scott  ...


Tracks In DA’s Studio

Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift. Sam Smith. Iggy Azalea. These are some of the world’s most popular artists, all releasing songs and albums that become overnight hits. But behind each hit is a great producer. At Deerfield, students who are interested in music production and songwriting have a chance to ...


Not Just a Face Highlights more Community Members

This past winter term, Ashley So ’13 spent an exemption creating a second edition of her book Not Just a Face. The book is complete with 55 biographies, 40 of which are completely new additions. “The first time I only covered 15 people, so that’s very little compared to the 200 staff here,” ...