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DA Grades: Truth or Fiction?

The Deerfield curriculum, comprised of five areas of study—English, history, math, science and foreign languages— seems to create a balanced system in which students can improve their overall skill sets in preparation for college level education and beyond. But students who excel in math or ...


Turning a Blind Eye to Character Education?

Does Deerfield train us to solely focus on the destination, rather than to immerse ourselves in all that the journey has to offer? When students receive bad test grades, rather than asking themselves what they can learn from their mistakes and how they can become better students, their train of ...


A Generation of Thinkers

“Stop trying to remember and start trying to think.” -Helen Childs Boyden What good is memorized information if we don’t know when to apply it? Many Deerfield students are required to commit to memory seemingly endless lists of vocabulary words, world capitals and science principles. But this ...


The College Process

Opinions about the current college process that weren’t included in the issue.