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Entrepreneurship at Deerfield

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? To pursue a passion, market it, and pocket a profit? There are many Deerfield students who would love to do just that. And we’ve all heard the age-old spiel about how intelligent and motivated Deerfield students can be. The issue is not with ...


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Colleges, colleges, colleges . . . It seems like the whole school has fallen into chaos since college decisions came out a couple of weeks ago. Underclassmen and juniors walked around on eggshells on “Ivy Tuesday,” and cringed when they thought about going through the dreaded process ...


Tick-Tock Goes The Deerfield Clock

In the thick of the winter it may seem like the school year is never going to end. Of all the students who long for the summer, as well as the freedom that comes with it, no one hopes for the warm weather and freedom more than the senior class. This makes sense. After 4 years of high school, 33 ...


Rejecting Complacency

One of our main goals at The Scroll is to address current issues facing the school community and to provoke discussion about these issues throughout the student body and faculty. However, over the past few years, we have occasionally heard that individuals have taken offense at certain article. ...


Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader, Some serious congratulations are in order. First to you, the brave soul who has made the choice of picking The Scroll up from the floor or following the link in your email instead of tossing it into a recycling bin or condemning it to the world of cyber trash. Foremost, however, kudos ...