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Dress-Down Fridays

With Head-of-School Margarita Curtis’s announcement about the elimination of dress-down Fridays in January, students and faculty alike are voicing their opinions on how this change will affect them and the school. Taking away this more-than-25-year-old tradition has prompted a range of reactions, ...


Hernandez Addresses Problematic Dress Code

Late last autumn, a pod of pink whales socialized with a herd of golden sheep around the cardboard recycling on every floor of Field. Outside, the leaves fell and the campus dulled to a bleak color. Boys decorated their dress with bright bow ties. Girls wore waxed olive coats and high brown boots ...


Turtlenecks For All?

Recently, a group of students protested a new ban on turtlenecks. Students gathered support by posting in the class Facebook groups, encouraging classmates to wear turtlenecks on Friday, December 5. The movement garnered enough attention that Dean of Students Amie Creagh hosted a meeting after ...


It’s Not the Girl’s Fault

For Commencement, girls wore cute, playful white dresses while boys wore serious, dark coats and ties. During the DeNunzio Disco, girls felt humiliated undergoing “spandex checks” by faculty while boys were not reprimanded for taking off their shirts. Girls here constantly have to worry about ...


A Defense of Propriety

The real problem with the Deerfield dress code lies in the inability of students to follow the dress code. If girls would follow the dress code fully, there would be more mutual respect between students and faculty, rather than teachers placed in an awkward position where they either have to let it ...


Noh Uncovers Sexism Behind Dress Code

Dress code has been a point of dispute for countless years, so much so that it’s becoming a trite conversation. It is time for a fresh new voice. Enter ...


Hypocrisy of the Deerfield Dress Code

Disclaimer: This is written by a girl who honestly thinks that if the dress code is going to be so strict, we might as well have a uniform. It would save every girl from the stress that apparently comes from trying to impress everyone every day. The Deerfield girls’ dress code is meant to be ...

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Girls Sacrifice Dress Code for Fashion

Like many incoming Deerfield students, I loved the concept of a dress code. Who wouldn’t approve of students looking presentable at all times and appearing to take their education seriously? What I failed to realize at that point was the frustration and anxiety that Deerfield’s dress code would ...


How Does Dress Code Relate to Socioeconomic Class?

The dress code is one of the biggest ways socioeconomic issues come out into the forefront of our culture, because I know if I’m going to get a real blazer, it’s a huge investment. I like the point about dress code meaning we are shifting to a potential set of career opportunities and that sets ...


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