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What’s Up, Freshman Village?

After just a month, The Freshman Village has dramatically changed the social climate of Deerfield. Last year, The Village was first introduced by Dean of Students Amie Creagh during a Wednesday school meeting. The concept of The Village was to provide a shared living space for ninth grade boys and ...


Con: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover

Read Pro: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover and Deerfield’s housing announcement. So why do this? The reasoning behind the changes is actually quite sound. There is a noticeable gender divide on campus, and that is the basis for dormitory repositioning and renovated common rooms. The idea is ...


Balls Of Fury

Almost every dorm on campus seems to have a ping-pong table stored in the basement or common room since the beginning of time. In many dorms, the tables aren’t put to use very often, but this fall, Barton and DeNunzio changed that. Early last month Danny Finnegan ’17 challenged DeNunzio to a ...


Gal Pal

Dear Margo, Rita, and Curtis, I don’t have any friends of the opposite sex here. Why? Sincerely, Gal searching for a pal Assuming you’re not a giant jerk (i.e. listening to Nickelback, turning on read receipts, and initiating a college conversation, then saying you’re “not telling ...

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Wanna Have A Sleepover?

Established gender roles, in tandem with the peculiar hook- up culture specific to Deerfield, work to create convoluted gender relations at our school, both inside and outside of the classroom. When asked to identify the culprit behind it all, some point to student culture, while others instead ...


New Dorm Construction Begins

Construction is well under way on a new dormitory where Ashley Dormitory stood last year, slated to be complete for use at the start of the 2012-2013 academic year.


Trading Spaces: Dorm Affiliations

Next year, Scaife and Bewkes will house underclassman girls, Pocumtuck will switch to upperclassman girls, and Dewey and Chapin, a dormitory yet to be built, will be home to underclassman boys.


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