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For the Girls?

I would like to start this article with a disclaimer. The following op-ed is made up of the opinions of a 17-year-old boy in high school. In no way, shape or form was this written to offend anyone or anyone’s beliefs. These are merely my observations and opinions. You can ignore them or take them ...


Equal Doesn’t Mean Same

In the last issue of The Scroll, there was a powerfully written article by one of my fellow students entitled “For The Girls.” While I commend the bravery of the author to step outside the lines and take a stand for feminism and equal rights, I have to say that I personally prefer my feminism ...


For The Girls

My sophomore year, Mr. Silipo asked my class to raise our hands if we considered ourselves feminists. I refrained from raising my hand (as did the rest of the class) because my instinctive response is to be blasé about everything. At that time, I elected not to be a “feminist.” Well, my ...


The Deerfield Bro Cult

What does it mean to be a Deerfield boy? Much more than at previous schools I have attended, boys at Deerfield stick together and almost always have each other’s backs. Because Deerfield is not just our school, but also our home, there is an innate bond tying us to one another from the day we ...


Klink Sees Disconnect in Connect4

The greatest threats to cultural diversity on campus are required bonding programs, specifically Connect4. These meetings restrict free time and fail to promote deep, vested relationships. Rather than organically learning about a peer, students are forced to bond under artificial circumstances. ...