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Disciplinary Committee

Creagh Offers DC Transparency

After last spring’s disciplinary rule changes regarding drugs and alcohol, Dean of Students Amie Creagh has put forth increased efforts to make the internal decision processes of the Disciplinary Committee (DC) more accessible and transparent to the community by organizing information sessions ...

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Punishment vs. Consequence

Since joining the Dean’s Office three years ago, I have had many conversations with students, faculty and parents surrounding the subject of discipline at Deerfield. As expected, there is a wide range of perspectives and opinions pertaining to the topic and purpose of discipline. What struck me ...


The DC Witch Hunt

“Witch-hunt.” “Screwed over.” “Three day.” “This is BS.” “Should have lied.” A common thread runs through the attitudes of students with a DC on their record: resentment. There exists a perception among DA students that the administration is “out to get us.” Although the ...


Both Students and Faculty Think DCs are Dicey

With three Disciplinary Committee (DC) cases in the course of four weeks this fall, there has been much controversy over changes in current policy as well as discussion on developments that could improve the current ...


Letter to the Editor

“At your request, I am summarizing my remarks to the community at the April 26 school meeting and explaining my rationale for dismissing the two students involved in this incident.”


Quebec DC

Students are held to high standards, but sometimes, we will fall short.