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Deerfield Dining Hall Lives Clean and Eats Dirty

Since the start of the new school year, notable changes have been made to the Dining Hall—the most prominent having to do with breakfast foods, vegetarian options and beverages. These modifications have been made due to the Academy’s “Live Clean, Eat Dirty” campaign, an initiative to shift ...


The New Breakfast Club

If someone dared you to sit at a random table in the dining hall—a table with people you’ve never talked to before—would you do it? Well, fall term, I dared myself to and called it “My Breakfast Project.” Why? 1. It dawned on me that, sadly enough, I always knew where I would sit in the ...


Where’s the Beef?

In a move towards providing more organic food, the dining hall, under Interim Food Services Director Michael McCarthy, has stopped purchasing ground beef from a mass distributor.


The Dinner Dilemma

Lots of confusion over the new Dining Hall table rotation process.


Dealing with the "Great Pretenders"

Gus Wellin ’11 and Colten McCormick ’12 head the gluten-free club, which is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for students who face the challenges of eating a completely gluten-free diet.


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