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Are We Donating with a Purpose?

At Deerfield, many students swipe their Greer cards nonchalantly when asked for a donation. Either the Community Service Board or an extracurricular club generally organizes these collections to fundraise for a charity or an event. While students’ generosity supports several worthy causes, some ...


Deerfield Packs A Punch Against Hunger

On January 20 the entire student body came together to package more than 156,000 meals to send to starving children in the Philippines and Haiti. As part of the MLK Day celebrations, Deerfield Academy partnered with Kids Against Hunger, a non-profit organization that ships meals around the world to ...


One Stride Closer to a Cure

Cancer, the second leading cause of death in the U.S, has touched the lives of almost every family in America. As a result of the disease’s prevalence, the American Cancer Society began Relay For Life in 1985 to help make progress towards a future without cancer. Since its inception, the relay ...


Connecticut River Source to Sea Cleanup

On September 29 a group of students led by Head of Community Service Board John Lee ’13 and sustainability coordinator Jeff Jewett took part in the multi-state Connecticut River Cleanup Initiative.


Ke Bringing Sunshine to Sun Village

Spending time with the kids and seeing how much they laugh and enjoy the little that they have made us all realize life isn’t about the material things.


Old Deerfield Nursery

Thanks to Anna Lu ’13, students can now volunteer down the street at Old Deerfield Nursery School from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm.


Community Service

Hopefully, Deerfield will become a place that visibly values the integrity of serving others, where students confidently rise in the midst of their peers and teachers in an expression of their commitment to something greater than themselves.


Onslaught of "Ecotourism"

The goal of community service is to aid the less fortunate and the service trips should focus on this service element and less on the ideas of ecotourism.


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