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The Seniors Brought It Back: The Class of 2016’s Legacy

Last spring, the seniors launched the “Bring It Back” campaign in an attempt to revitalize school spirit and the sense of community at Deerfield. Class Dean Kevin Kelly said, “In the spring of 2015, the rising seniors met on the stairs of the Main School Building. The cheerleaders led the ...


Reflections from the First Captain Deerfield: Tom Mathews ‘96

Captain Deerfield Tom Mathews ’96 in costume with cheerleaders Pat Graney and Andy Sweetland performing an original song on Choate Friday. On the Original Costume (In 1995): “It was a very bare bones operation – just myself in a very mediocre homemade (or I guess dorm-made) outfit that ...


Captain Deerfield: Bringing Back the Old, Bringing In the New

The position of Captain Deerfield was created with the initial purpose of increasing school spirit at athletic events. By “getting rowdy” throughout the school year during cheers, pep rallies, Choate Weekend, and the games of popular sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse, Captain ...


Aye, Aye or bye, bye Captain Deerfield?

For years, Captain Deerfield has been a hallmark of Deerfield Athletics. He can be found on the sidelines of most big sports contests, dressed in a white sports coat, lime green pants and majestic cape. A spray-painted broom shaft rests in his right hand, an embellished megaphone in the other. But ...

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