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Concentrating on AP Studio Art

While spring for Deerfield students means fun trips down to the river and sunny outdoor days, it also means two weeks of intense AP exams, mostly two-to-three-hour written tests. However, a few AP classes at Deerfield have slightly unique assessment requirements. In the final eight weeks of the ...


Artist of The Issue: Kyle Fox

During her freshman year at Summit  High School in Bend, Oregon, Kyle Fox ’16 began taking art classes and joined the school’s dance team. Since then, both art and dance have become incredibly important aspects of her life. “I always do one of those things when I’m stressed out or sad or ...


Kento Cubed

Recently, Kento Yamamoto ‘16 has been exploring a new art form known as Rubik’s Cube art. These modern pieces entail twisting Rubik’s Cubes into elaborate works of art. Yamamoto currently has one of his projects displayed in the Hess Center. The mosaic features Frank Boyden, Deerfield’s ...


ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Motive: 23 Art Individuals by Shaun Wang

After growing up in China with two famous artists as parents, Shaun Wang ’15 published a book, Motive: 23 Art Individuals, in both English and Chinese last August. The book covers the interviews of 23 widely respected Chinese artists. Initially, Wang’s purpose was to “focus on the attitudes ...


Memorial Building: Not Just a Memory

The Memorial Building renovation is progressing as scheduled and should be completed by mid-summer, in time for the 2014-15 school year. The opening of the renovated Memorial Building marks a new chapter for the arts at Deerfield. Indeed, “the Visual and Performing Arts Department is on the verge ...


Artist of the Issue: Tabata Viso

While she only joined Deerfield art program last year as a junior, Tabata Viso ‘14 has been refining her artistic talents in AP Studio Art and during art exemption this winter. Viso’s self portrait was drawn in charcoal.   Art has always played an important role in Viso’s life. “My mom ...


Chamber Singers Enjoy a Harmonious First Year

The Chamber Singers strike a pose. The Chamber Singers began this fall as Music Director Daniel Roihl’s experiment. Mr. Roihl handpicked singers Sierra Janik ‘13, Chris Lin ‘13, Julie Harris ‘13, Hyun Yang ‘13 and Kristy Hong ’13 for the group. Mr. Roihl chose the students for their ...


Intro Arts Class Changes Form

Deerfield students interested in the performing arts are often faced with the task of deciding which type of performing art class to take: dance, theater, or music. The Deerfield arts program created a class, Intro to Performing Arts, which combines all three art forms in order to offer students a ...


McInerney Leaves artisic Legacy

McInerney remains passionate about art and definitely plans to continue pursuing it in the future. “It’s amazing when you create something out of nothing and fill a blank page,” she said.


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