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Girls’ Swimming with Savage and Washburn

This season, the girls varsity swim team welcomes two new coaches: Caroline Savage, The Associate Director of Admissions, and Megan Washburn, a science teacher. Mrs. Savage grew up swimming in California on a year-round club team before going on to swim at Columbia University. Although she has ...


Administration Plans Athletic Facility Renovations

After the reconstruction of the Hess Center and revitalization of the arts programs, Deerfield is now turning its focus to athletics. Based on last year’s survey of students about facilities that needed the most improvement, the administration has decided to move forward in the plan to renovate ...


Watching Boys vs. Girls Sports

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of talk among Deerfield students, faculty and alumni about a perceived decline of school spirit on campus. Whether it is getting rowdy at a pep rally or supporting our athletic teams by attending contests, something is different. Although change has ...


Swim Team Superlatives

The varsity swim team is possibly the closest team there is on campus, from spending over ten hours a week in the pool together and taking an annual sun-filled Florida trip. Though constantly jokingly referred to as a “cult,” they are actually just one big family, each person having his or her ...


Deerfield Takes A Tumble

This fall, Northfield Mount Hermon dropped its football program, citing a decrease in interest due to potential injury concerns, especially concussions. All this comes against the backdrop of the recent revelations that these “brain bruises” lead to later life dementia and other mental illness. ...


Wonder Woman Claire Collins

Over the past three years, the Deerfield girls crew team has looked to Claire Collins ’15 to drop seconds off their race times. After receiving encouragement from both her older sister and former DA coach Wayne Berger, Collins started rowing for Deerfield during her freshman spring in 2012, and ...


Has Sports Suffered Setbacks?

Have Deerfield sports declined over the past 20 or 30 years? “Yes,” said J.J. Briones ’82, assistant director of admissions since 1996. “If you look at the win-loss record,” said Nick Albertson, history teacher and assistant varsity football and varsity golf coach since 1978, “we are ...

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Athletic Training: An Examination

As athletic trainers, Kate Bergeron and Robert Graves have never had to deal with a catastrophic case during their time at Deerfield. But should such a situation occur, both are well prepared. “In order to become an athletic trainer,” Ms. Bergeron said, “you must go through four years of ...


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