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New Coaches On The Scene

As Deerfield students watch their peers compete this term, they may notice unfamiliar coaches in the dugout, on the pool deck or on the sidelines. A former member of Princeton University’s heavyweight team, and later a Princeton rowing coach, Spencer Washburn is a college advisor and head crew ...


Spring Sports Preview

Although campus is currently deep in New England’s bitter winter, the majority of Deerfield’s varsity teams have something warmer to look forward to—preseason trips to the sunshine state as they rev up for their challenging seasons ahead. Rachel Yao Coming off last season, when girls crew won ...


Under The Lights: Friday Night Paddle Tennis

This winter, Danny Finnegan ’17 introduced Deerfield to the joy of paddle tennis. The Friday Night Paddle League has put the two courts near the Lower Levels to more frequent use. While talking with faculty and friends about how Deerfield weekends could be more exciting, Finnegan presented the ...


Are Specialized Coaches An Advantage?

A study produced by the Athletic Administration is providing important information about the high-profile, mainstream varsity sports among 10 chosen prep schools. In particular, it emphasizes how certain varsity teams might be supported to meet the increased competition among prep schools. The boys ...


Deerfield Athletic Association

Recently, a group of students eager to improve school spirit created the Deerfield Athletic Association (DAA). While many community members voice their concerns regarding Deerfield sports and support in the safety of their own dorm rooms, sans faculty scrutiny, this handful of students have gone ...


Girls’ Swimming with Savage and Washburn

This season, the girls varsity swim team welcomes two new coaches: Caroline Savage, The Associate Director of Admissions, and Megan Washburn, a science teacher. Mrs. Savage grew up swimming in California on a year-round club team before going on to swim at Columbia University. Although she has ...


Administration Plans Athletic Facility Renovations

After the reconstruction of the Hess Center and revitalization of the arts programs, Deerfield is now turning its focus to athletics. Based on last year’s survey of students about facilities that needed the most improvement, the administration has decided to move forward in the plan to renovate ...


Watching Boys vs. Girls Sports

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of talk among Deerfield students, faculty and alumni about a perceived decline of school spirit on campus. Whether it is getting rowdy at a pep rally or supporting our athletic teams by attending contests, something is different. Although change has ...


Swim Team Superlatives

The varsity swim team is possibly the closest team there is on campus, from spending over ten hours a week in the pool together and taking an annual sun-filled Florida trip. Though constantly jokingly referred to as a “cult,” they are actually just one big family, each person having his or her ...


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