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Letter From the Editor

Reflecting on the quality of Volume 84, I like to think that we accomplished many of our goals. We reported with clarity on a number of weighty issues—gender dynamics, over enrollment, the on-campus International Debate, the settlement of the Koch Center lawsuit, our rivalry with Choate, and the fire in the Dining Hall.


One Senate, One Seat

Senate Republicans have decided that their role in the government will be to veto any progressive legislation that is proposed. Given their current minority, this also means that no Republican projects will be passed either. It seems as though the power to prevent legislation from being passed has surpassed the need for effective reforms.


When Was the Last Time You Were Alone?

“Study groups and extra help have their place, but many students find that when test-day comes and they have only themselves to depend on, they are unprepared to succeed alone. What will happen, then, when they have to face the real world?”


State of the Union, State of the School

Who is to blame for the inefficiency of today’s politics? Is it the Republicans, who systematically deny any chance of a health care reform in America? The Democrats who insist on leaving the issue of immigration alone?


Taking Down the Flag

Brown’s election will also slow down the US’s response to climate change. Though he supports clean energy systems, Brown opposes laws curbing carbon emissions that would benefit not only the US, but the global community.


The DC Threat

The fact that we as school have gone from Boyden’s casual conversations over infractions to treating every infraction as a disciplinary case is alarming.


Re: “Deerfield, Pay Attention!” December 16, 2009

During my freshman year, it seemed that every school meeting and sit-down meal was followed by a number of club announcements—both those to notify its members about meeting times and also those to inform the rest of the community about the club’s activities.


Avatars Among Us

It has become apparent to me that, in a secular tone, all of us here at Deerfield Academy have many personal avatars. Think of the times in our lives when something other than our physical presence represents us.


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