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Gun Control: Where I’m from

Although we may never agree on the interpretation of the Second Amendment, or the best use of guns, or how to control them, guns are bad.

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The Fight for Marriage

Just as African-Americans fought against segregation, gays are currently fighting for civil marriage.


My Arizona Hero

“…the only Democrat running in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional district, which includes parts of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale, my dad ran against eleven Republicans until the primary took place…”


Gun Control: An Archaic Amendment

In the last ten years, there have been over sixty shootings at schools, as well as other mass killings. This trend of violence has only gotten more pronounced, and yet gun control laws are as loose as ever…


Gun Control: The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is often seen as a gun-rights activist’s best friend. Its words even serve as the background of the National Rifle Association’s website…


Gun Control: The Choice

If we’re going to talk about restricting the Second Amendment, maybe we should talk about restricting the First Amendment at the same time.


Gun Control: The Right to Firearms

Firearms regulations can work, but we must leave their design to professional criminologists, not legislators, and certainly not high school teachers.


New Year, New Eyes

Here I am, one of many students whose first language is not English. For me, sharing my experiences with people from a similar background has not only been helpful but also comforting in this new and unfamiliar environment.


Coed-Deerfield of the Past

Mrs. Joyce’s mother, Nancy Anne Palmer, was one of three girls to graduate from DA with the Class of 1948 – four decades before Deerfield returned to co-education.

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