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Why These Students Think Race Is The Most Important Issue On Campus

RAMONA DAVIS ’17: I am a student of color, but I had never before been so aware of my race before coming to Deerfield. In contrast, the majority of my peers—who are not students of color—do not have any significant awareness of their own race. I think people gravitate toward places of ...


What We Do In The Dark: Porn At Deerfield

Relationships and sexuality have been part of an ongoing conversation at Deerfield for the last several years, and the administration has made strides to encourage healthier relationships in the form of date nights and more open conversations about parietals policies. However, it seems to me that ...


Mental Illness at Deerfield

When you were little, did you ever have friends your mom made you hang out with, even though you didn’t want to? Then those friends kept showing up, and you were confused and sick of them. Soon enough, those friends were around so much that you got used to them. Finally, those friends were always ...


Where’s The Asian in Black and White

This year, during the weeks leading up to Martin Luther King day, conversations about racial issues ignited within the community. Race is complicated, especially for those who don’t fit into the black and white binary that usually frames conversations about race in this country. For Asian ...


A Call For More Useful Community Service

Please note that examples of service projects given in this article aren’t real, but are similar to actual Deerfield trips. This was to avoid condemning any specific project. At Deerfield, community service has become something of a “must have” for college applications. However, after ...



On November 13th, Paris, France was made victim to a devastating number of attacks that left more than 120 innocent civilians dead and a nation stricken with grief. The Islamic state, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has publicly claimed responsibility for the deadly acts of terrorism. The worst ...


Racial Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Recent events on college campuses and around the country have sparked many conversations about the state of race relations in America. While I’m happy those conversations are taking place, it’s unfortunate that the people who would benefit the most from these conversations—those who are ...


Freedom Of Speech At Deerfield

Freedom of speech at Deerfield has been a controversial topic since I arrived here in 2012. Stories of teachers and students criticizing my peers for speaking their minds have become commonplace. However, I didn’t realize the extent to which some members of the Deerfield community restrict speech ...



While Deerfield students geared up for athletics during Choate Week, colleges around the nation faced an entirely different challenge: fighting racial discrimination. Aminata Ka ’19 In the first week of November at Yale University, student activities attempting to stop “systematic racism on ...


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