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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Controversy Over Local Pipeline

According to The Recorder, the local Greenfield newspaper, the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project entails the construction of a 177-mile high-pressure gas pipeline that would cut through the town of Deerfield. One of the proposed routes would cross the North Meadows, just north of the ...



Recently, Deerfield obtained a TEDx license, which will allow the school to host an official TEDx conference on February 22, 2015. TEDx is a program that was created to help spread communication and conversation within both small and large communities by issuing licenses to presenters who are ...


ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: No Midterm Grades For Freshmen

Recently, the Deerfield 9/10 Committee—a task force focused on shaping an academic approach more appropriate for ninth and tenth graders, particularly the former— proposed a rubric-based grade for all incoming freshmen. In other words, the Class of 2018 did not receive numerical midterm grades ...


ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Artist of the Issue: Zibo Gao

Zibo Gao ’15 “Music for me is all about the connection,” remarked Zibo Gao ’15. “I just feel the music really well. I can tell what the music wants to say.” Gao has been studying classical violin since he was five. Although his parents encouraged his music career, Gao’s drive ...


Mr. Keller Game Review #2 (Settlers of Catan)

Each issue, mathematics teacher Sean Keller reviews a board game found in the Boyden Library. Check out his reviews and then head on over to the gaming section to play for yourself. “I’ll trade you three sheep for one ore, one lumber, and two grain.” Just as Henry Ford launched an invasion of ...


It’s Not the Girl’s Fault

For Commencement, girls wore cute, playful white dresses while boys wore serious, dark coats and ties. During the DeNunzio Disco, girls felt humiliated undergoing “spandex checks” by faculty while boys were not reprimanded for taking off their shirts. Girls here constantly have to worry about ...


Deerfield Water Balloon Toss Breaks World Record

On Sunday, September 14, the Deerfield Community held the annual Dorm Olympics, but this year there was a change. The faculty, staff, students and other members of the Deerfield community participated in a Guinness Book of World Records-breaking water balloon toss. Signe Ahl ’15, the chief ...


Murphy ’10 Remembers Deerfield Community

During the summer after my freshman year at Deerfield, I staged a protest. I sat my parents down and told them that I would not be returning to the Pocumtuck Valley for a second year. When asked why, I flatly responded that I hated everyone. “Oh really,” my Dad retorted in sarcastic disbelief, ...


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