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School Cracks Down

Upon returning to Deerfield this fall, students have observed a new strictness permeating the campus. It is evident to many students and faculty that the administration has become more stringent in adhering to the Academy’s code of conduct, especially at required school events. During the 2013-14 ...


Retana Witnesses Mexican-American Border Crossings

The author spent a month this past summer at the La Posada Providencia shelter in San Benito, Texas, as a volunteer. She worked primarily as an English teacher and a childcare provider. Since October, there has been a major influx of Central American immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border. In ...


KIPP:STEP @Deerfield

Inaugurated in 2008 by Associate Dean of Admissions Jeffrey Armes, KIPP STEP—an annual summer session at Deerfield-merges two successful academic programs: the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) and the Success Through Enrichment Program (STEP). For 20 years, KIPP has encouraged students in ...


Returning Students Reveal Embarrassing Deerfield Stories

Chloe So Meghan Halloran ’17: “I was struggling to carry my heavy backpack, hockey bag and sticks [into the gym]. Walking by the seal, I suddenly slipped and fell, and all of my bags came down with me. My sticks knocked over the ropes surrounding the seal and my bag ended up right on top of it. ...


Ken Burns Interview

Recently, acclaimed documentary filmmakers Ken Burns and Peter Davis visited Deerfield to discuss the artistry and history behind their films chronicling the Vietnam War. The two shared information and scenes from Davis’s 1974 classic, Hearts and Minds, and Burns’ newest project on the Vietnam ...


The No-AP Trial: What Happened?

In April, the Deerfield community implemented a No-Accountability-Points trial, during which APs were not given to students for missing commitments. The Student Council devised this plan to see if students could be held accountable without the force of Accountability Points. This meant that if a ...


Full Transcript from David Koch Interview

Scroll: You were born and raised in Kansas—how did you find Deerfield from there? And as a follow-up, can you talk a little bit about your time at Deerfield (what made it so special, the highs, lows, any funny anecdotes). Mr. Koch: I attended a public grade school in Wichita, Kansas. The public ...


Lifetime Trustee David Koch Speaks Exclusively to The Scroll

Click Here for the full transcript from the interview with David Koch. Since his time as a student at Deerfield Academy, David Koch ’59 has spent much of his time and revenue giving back to the community he once called home. Current president of the Board of Trustees, Phillip Greer, commented, ...


Are We Donating with a Purpose?

At Deerfield, many students swipe their Greer cards nonchalantly when asked for a donation. Either the Community Service Board or an extracurricular club generally organizes these collections to fundraise for a charity or an event. While students’ generosity supports several worthy causes, some ...


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