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Throughout the fall and winter terms, Deerfield has had to sacrifice its sustainability initiatives in order to prioritize the healthy…
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September 30, 2009
2009 Heritage Award: Ralph Earle ’46
The 2009 Heritage Award will go to Ralph Earle II ’46, the chief U.S. negotiator for SALT II between 1978 and 1980; the director of the U.S. Arms Control and…
September 30, 2009
Students Serve Communities With Academy Grants
Sixteen students received the Workman Grant to support their own community service projects in their hometown. The Cost Award is a $2500 grant in honor of Charles Piper Cost...
September 12, 2009
Co-Curriculars Add Service to Their Game
With a new service requirement for every co-curricular group, the community service program will hold a more prominent presence on campus this fall...
August 2, 2009
Commencement Address: Ingrid Kapteyn ’09
When in the opening days of our sophomore year the returning students of the mighty fine class of 2009 gathered together for the first time, my father, who was then…
June 2, 2009
Commencement Address: Alex Nicholson ’09
Just as it was hard to walk for the first time without your mother holding you – preventing you from falling. Just as it was hard to watch your parents…
May 20, 2009
Will You be a Judge?
Deerfield is seeking adult volunteers to judge at the International Independent Schools’ Public Speaking Competition (IISPSC), which the school is hosting next October 1-4.