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Latest News headlines
February 26, 2020
Security Camera Usage in Disciplinary Actions
In spring 2019, the administration made the controversial decision to install security cameras around the campus to better ensure students’ safety across campus. While the administration stated that the cameras…
February 26, 2020
Inside the Sexual Misconduct Response Committee
As part of a larger effort to prevent sexual misconduct on campus, the Deerfield administration formed the Sexual Misconduct Response Committee (SMRC) in the 2019-2020 school year.  Sexual misconduct cases…
January 30, 2020
Marco Saavedra ‘07 Awaits Asylum Trial
The Doubleday 1 dorm-story of the 2007 yearbook, written as a poem, attests to his ability: “Now Viral Orza/ he thinks he can wrestle well,/ But is mistaken/ Marco Saavedra/…
January 30, 2020
Investment Committee Manages $630 Million Endowment
“We review our portfolio regularly to ensure that our managers are complying with all applicable laws and regulations and adhering to their stated investment strategy. Occasionally, we replace managers based…
January 30, 2020
Response to New Exam Schedule
This past fall, the Academic Dean’s Office introduced a new five-day exam schedule consisting  of seven two-hour assessment periods.  Academic Dean Ivory Hills explained that after learning about both students…
January 30, 2020
Students React to New Casual Dress Code
As of Jan. 2020, Deerfield students adopted the new and far more relaxed winter dress code that the Board of Trustees established in the summer of 2019. In a previous…
January 30, 2020
Deerfield and Kings
During His Majesty King Abdullah II ’80’s surprise visit to Deerfield Academy back in September, the Deerfield community had the opportunity to learn about the challenges facing the Middle East.…
November 8, 2019
New Health Center Dedicated to D.S. Chen
After much anticipation, students returned to campus in September to find the new health center in full operation. In addition to the medical facilities and new health class and counseling…
November 8, 2019
Inside the Roommate Pairing System
The roommate pairing process remains a source of mystery for many students at Deerfield Academy. Students are uninformed on the various factors that may influence roommate assignments beyond the pairing…