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DA Protests In Greenfield

On December 12, a Friday evening, about 200 citizens from the Greenfield area, including 12 Deerfield students, gathered on the town square, in front of the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church for an anti-police-violence vigil. A few days prior to the protest, Matt Morrow ‘15 received an ...


Class of 2015 College Admissions

The early application process is a highly discussed and, more often than not, raw subject for those involved. In an anonymous Scroll Poll, a member of the class of 2015 who was deferred, commented, “It is a very sensitive time. The emphasis and pressure students put on one another should—and I ...



Dear Margo, Rita & Curtis, I hate winter. Xoxo, Ice Ice Baby Dear Ice, That’s not a question, but I know what you mean. I have written many strongly-worded anonymous letters to the Head of School demanding that Deerfield Academy be transplanted to southern Florida, a move I’m sure is ...


The Space We Share: Deerfield Invites Local Schools to Burst the Bubble

This spring Deerfield students are inviting several local high schools to join together for a regional Round Square conference. Hannah Casey ’15 affirmed the importance of this new conference: “This is an opportunity to get informed about the community we live in and what challenges the people ...


Planning MLK Day

In recent years, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been the single day of the year in which the Deerfield community gathered to commemorate the work of Dr. King, and pay tribute to social justice nationally and globally. Students discuss and define privilege at the Deerfield Norms Workshop.Photo ...


Greenfield’s Heroin Epidemic

Recently in the Emmy Award-winning CNN series Parts Unknown, the town of Greenfield stepped into the limelight. East of the Deerfield River and west of the Connecticut River, Greenfield—the county seat of Franklin County—is nestled in a bucolic setting with historic villages, artistic enclaves ...


Margo, Rita & Curtis

Dear Margo, Rita & Curtis, My mom picked the worst picture ever of me for our holiday card, what do I do? Sincerely, Mad at Mom   Dear Mad, Holiday cards have been a source of stress in my household for as long as I can remember. Selecting a picture when we were younger was difficult ...


Balls Of Fury

Almost every dorm on campus seems to have a ping-pong table stored in the basement or common room since the beginning of time. In many dorms, the tables aren’t put to use very often, but this fall, Barton and DeNunzio changed that. Early last month Danny Finnegan ’17 challenged DeNunzio to a ...


Geocache ’em All

It all started with a family hiking trip to Grafton, Vermont, where math teacher Marc Dancer was introduced to the treasure-hunting game geocaching by another family inquiring about his handheld GPS system. Immediately intrigued, Mr. Dancer recollected, “When I got back to campus, I looked up ...


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