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Stress: A Waste of Energy?

It would be safe to assume that one of the only boarding schools in New England without Saturday classes would have few stressed students.


Upward & Onward: Senior Meditations

As meditation season kicks off, seniors take time to look inward for something meaningful to say as they write reflective, often deeply personal, longer papers they read to their English classes.


To the Skies and Beyond: Athletic Exemptions Reach New Heights

This winter, as athletes kick off the co-curricular season on the basketball courts or hit the ski slopes, other students have decided to pursue their own creative interests with unique co-curricular exemptions behind a camera, at the chessboard, or up in the air.


Finding Individuality in Dress Code

She has faded floral prints, plaids, crochet lace, and dozens of pairs of worn-looking sneakers and boots jammed into her closet. As a shopper of the classic and well-known stores such as Urban Outfitters and American Eagle, she also finds items from “random stores in Argentina,” as well as thrift stores.


Peer Tutors Transform Struggles to Success

There’s a group of people on campus who dedicate their free periods and weekends to helping others understand textbook material, prepare for tests, and develop helpful note-taking skills, while also taking away rewarding experiences.


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