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Things Your Green Key Didn’t Tell You: Be Snappy

Dear Margo, Rita, and Curtis, I’m really into Snapchat, but lately I feel like I’ve been sending way more than I’ve been receiving. Am I doing something wrong? If I am, what more should I know about the world of ...


Conor Sullivan: Red Hot

Conor started playing water polo at the Eaglebrook School when he was 12. “I didn’t have a fall sport at the time, and my dad said if I played soccer he wouldn’t come to any of my games,” said Conor, “so I decided to give water polo a shot.” Ever since, he has been regularly attending ...


Meat Brings the Heat (to the Table)

Last spring David Keith ’13 started a petition to stop the consumption of antibiotic-fed livestock in the Dining Hall. As Keith’s Change. org page explains, “The widespread use of antibiotics in factory farms poses a significant threat to the environment & human health. The use of ...


After 33 Years, David Pond Is About to Swim Away

David Pond, Associate Head of School for Alumni Affairs and Development, will be retiring at the end of the 2013-14 school year. Mr. Pond has served Deerfield Academy for 33 years. Head of School Dr. Margarita Curtis praised Pond’s achievement, saying, “David is regarded as a legend, and ...


Wagner Would Chuck Wood

Upon arriving on campus earlier this fall, I immediately noticed the wooden utensils in the Greer and the Louis Café. How cool, I thought, how modern! The silverware made from wood seemed so stylish, and Deerfield seemed so progressive. However, the novelty quickly wore off, turning to ...


Kaelin Urges End of APs and More Student Responsibility

Good evening everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to speak about a topic that has been recently nagging at both students and faculty alike. Every year, I feel as if I hear the same story about a different prep school. It usually involves 20 or more students getting kicked out, and ...


Almost Showtime!

The cast of Almost, Maine rehearses in the White Church. This fall, Deerfield’s theater program will be putting on a production of the romantic comedy Almost, Maine by John Cariani. Set in a mythical town in northern Maine, the play is an ensemble piece that features a group of people and how ...


A Summer at The Island School is No Vacation

At the Island School in the Bahamas: Catherine Fleming '15, Ken park '15, Juliette Lee '14 Located on the southern tip of the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, The Island School has recently become a popular semester program for Deerfield students. Founded in 1998, the school set ...

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Welcome, New Faculty!

  Left to right (top): Peter Hynds, Marjorie Young, Jael Hernandez-Vasquez, Mark Spencer, Jamie Bucci, Charlotte Patriquin, Drew Philie, Jaime Correa, Left to right (bottom): Nicholas Hall, Asvelt Nduwumwami, Lauren Brozovich, Caroline Stedman, Anna Steim, Neil Jacobs, Haley O'Neil, Not ...


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