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Has Sports Suffered Setbacks?

Have Deerfield sports declined over the past 20 or 30 years? “Yes,” said J.J. Briones ’82, assistant director of admissions since 1996. “If you look at the win-loss record,” said Nick Albertson, history teacher and assistant varsity football and varsity golf coach since 1978, “we are ...

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Recently, Deerfield obtained a TEDx license, which will allow the school to host an official TEDx conference on February 22, 2015. TEDx is a program that was created to help spread communication and conversation within both small and large communities by issuing licenses to presenters who are ...


Mr. Stallings: Poetic License

“Poetry wasn’t my first choice,” said Andy Stallings, this year’s Wilson Fellow and new English teacher at Deerfield, whose book of poetry, To the Heart of the World, was published this fall. Stallings, who previously taught at Tulane University, was a musician learning to write lyrics when ...


The Return of Tarah Timothe

The only word I can use to describe my return to Deerfield is weird. I know this is a very lackluster adjective, but that is the word that usually comes up when people ask about my return. I feel I do not know anyone, the school has an entirely different vibe from what I remember, and I am trying ...

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Tutaonana “See Ya Soon” Tanzania!

At the start of spring break, 13 Deerfield students and three faculty members traveled over 40 hours to Tanzania. They went to rural Kitongo to work at a school run by the Janada F. Batchelor Foundation for Children, also known as JBFC. According to Director of Global Studies David Miller, faculty ...


Competition Sparks Abuse of Prescription Drugs

In the world of prep school sports, Deerfield values integrity and sportsmanship. If there were a football player on the smaller side, we would encourage him togotothegymtobulkupand not to take any shortcuts such as HGH or other performance enhancing drugs. That would be ...


Do Diversity Alliances Foster Division?

Though Deerfield is prominent for its integrated and diverse community, students at DA have recently been voicing feelings of exclusion and separation within the community due to student alliances on campus. Among the most well- known alliances on campus are the ASA (Asian Student Alliance), DBSA ...


DA and Real Life

“Real life” lacks the support system that Deerfield provides. There are no advisors to help you choose your schedule out there, and the large majority of people you encounter throughout the day will have no vested interest in your future ...

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Is A Hug Too Intimate?

The other day, while I was hugging my boyfriend goodnight, a security guard drove by. He looked at us, turned away and drove ...


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