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“It Is Only A Matter Of Equality”

If Deerfield is lacking in anything, it is not support systems. As an underclassmen, you have at least two proctors on your hall, a faculty resident, an advisor, peer counselors, your class dean, and basically all your teachers and curricular faculty, not to mention Deerfield’s more formal mental ...

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It’s Not the Girl’s Fault

For Commencement, girls wore cute, playful white dresses while boys wore serious, dark coats and ties. During the DeNunzio Disco, girls felt humiliated undergoing “spandex checks” by faculty while boys were not reprimanded for taking off their shirts. Girls here constantly have to worry about ...


Murphy ’10 Remembers Deerfield Community

During the summer after my freshman year at Deerfield, I staged a protest. I sat my parents down and told them that I would not be returning to the Pocumtuck Valley for a second year. When asked why, I flatly responded that I hated everyone. “Oh really,” my Dad retorted in sarcastic disbelief, ...


2014~2015 New Faculty Bios

New students are not the only ones anticipating a fresh start at Deerfield this year. The Academy welcomes 17 new faculty members as the school year approaches. (The excerpts below are drawn from Assistant Dean of Faculty Peter Nilsson’s biographical notes on new faculty.) An Exeter graduate, ...


Feeling Bored? Play a Board Game (w/ Mr. Keller)!

Spiel des Jahres, anyone? For us non-German speakers in the community, the English translation is: “Game of the Year.” The Spiel des Jahres Award—the international game board version of an Oscar or a Grammy—has been given since 1978. Rubik’s Cube was a “special category” Spiel des ...


Return of the Flaska

  Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life at Deerfield Academy, is returning this fall after a year’s leave, during which he worked towards a doctoral degree from Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park. The year away from DA has allowed Dean Flaska to form new ideas to explore at ...


Welcome, New Faculty!

  Left to right (top): Peter Hynds, Marjorie Young, Jael Hernandez-Vasquez, Mark Spencer, Jamie Bucci, Charlotte Patriquin, Drew Philie, Jaime Correa, Left to right (bottom): Nicholas Hall, Asvelt Nduwumwami, Lauren Brozovich, Caroline Stedman, Anna Steim, Neil Jacobs, Haley O'Neil, Not ...


DA Hook-Up Culture Revealed

The term “hook-up” has always had multiple connotations, and at Deerfield it is heard often about the Greer.


Stop with the Slurs

Robert Beit ’13 points out that those who say that they are okay with people being gay say derogatory slurs.


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