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90 Seconds with The Film Guys
Biggest pet peeves? Robert: Food Noises. Alesi: Incompetence.  Robert: Come on you have to have something better than that.  Alesi: Balloons.  Robert: That’s not a pet peeve.  Alesi: But I…
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November 22, 2020
Keeping in Touch over the D-Term
After almost ten weeks on campus, our fall term is coming to an end. For some this might be welcomed with open arms, while others are savoring every minute they…
October 31, 2020
90 Seconds with Mrs. Brown
What’s the coolest part about your job this year? Getting to know new people and living on the hall with eleven awesome sauce girls. Who inspires you?  My sister, whose…
October 31, 2020
How to do Long Distance Relationships
Hello Deerfield. We’re back after a long hiatus! For this edition of Grace and Camille providing unwarranted advice, we are here to tell you how to make long distance relationships…
October 31, 2020
What Your Mask Says About You
In these COVID-stricken times, you are never fully dressed without a mask. We have seen a variety of masks on campus, and your masking choices may reveal more about you…
October 31, 2020
Week In The Life Of A Scroll Writer
*Wednesday night writers meeting*  “Thanks everyone, remember articles are due in one week! Repeat after me, when I say one you say week, one week! One week!” T – 168…
October 31, 2020
DA CRIBZ-Welcome to My Common Room
Changes in dorm assignments for each grade have been made due to health and safety regulations regarding COVID-19. As 9th grade dorm rooms, otherwise infamous for being doubles, became converted…
May 11, 2020
90 Seconds with Ms.Kelly (Patricia Kelly)
If you didn’t work at the library, where would you want to work? At the United Nations What’s your favorite Deerfield meal? Mac and cheese with stewed tomatoes What’s the…
May 11, 2020
Our Inboxes Are Too Small
“Your mailbox is almost full.” That dreaded subject line is one that I have received from Microsoft every single day for the past two weeks. When clicking into that email,…
May 11, 2020
Quarantine Schedule
1:00 PM: Wake Up 1:02 PM: Check Tik Tok 1:46 PM: Put down your phone, go back to bed 2:30 PM: Actually get up, morning routine (Optional: do a Chloe…
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