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Featuring: The Renaissance Ensemble
Art serves as a practical medium to express ourselves and connect with greater meaning in times of confusion and restlessness. Yet, in a world of quarantine and social distancing, we…
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September 30, 2009
Take a Trip To Paradise
Fall in the Pioneer Valley represents a lively time for the arts. From October 10th through 12th, Paradise City Arts and Crafts Festival, located at the Three County Fairgrounds in…
September 12, 2009
Turtle Island Quartet to Play at Academy Event
Lauded by the New York Times for its “impeccable precision in…pitch and coordination” and by the Los Angeles Times as “a sterling example of first-rate jazz music-making,” the Turtle Island…
August 10, 2009
Kayla’s Book Nook: Fifty-Cent Finds
Somewhere between classic cookbooks from the fifties and thick volumes of Irish folklore lies the perfect book—as long as you can find it. This is the challenge of the used…
July 27, 2009
Kayla’s Book Nook: Summer Lovin’
If you find yourself tiring of applying aloe vera to your blistered skin or scraping the sand out from between your toes, take a break to indulge in a little…
May 20, 2009
Ceramics Cut from Arts Department
Ceramics will not be part of the Deerfield Arts Department curriculum next year. The current economy and scheduling issues are the two main factors to blame in the cutting of…