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Top Five Things To Do on a Bus to an Away Game
Sarah Parish '23 Staff Writer
February 2, 2022
Credit: Max Peh

After a hiatus from most sporting competitions last year, Deerfield students are once again thrilled to compete in interscholastic competitions… and for long bus rides! Whether you are traveling just to NMH or far away to Andover, to your first away game or fiftieth, here are some top rated activities to pass the time. 

  1. Sleep – A highly acclaimed activity for several reasons. Sleeping passes the time like no other, offering a quick boost to your energy level for the upcoming game (or on the flipside, providing a fast power-nap after a Deerfield victory). If you choose to sleep on the bus, the window seat is the way to go as it gives you a headrest on one side. Just make sure to avoid the tire seat if you want to keep your legroom. 
  1. Talk to your teammates – Get to know someone you don’t know super well, chat with your captain, or sit with your usual bus buddy. Away game bus rides offer a great opportunity to forge a new friendship with someone you haven’t had the chance to get to know quite yet. If you have a designated ‘bus buddy’, try something new and challenge yourself to sit with a different person on each bus ride. This will leave you looking forward to every lengthy drive. Ultimately, there is no better way to spend your time than laughing with both new and old friends. 
  1. Homework – An especially popular choice for Wednesday away games. You may not necessarily enjoy doing homework on the bus but once you finish the pile of work, you’ll feel stress-free for the rest of the day. If you are someone who does not get headaches or motion sickness from reading on the bus, doing homework is definitely an efficient use of time. 
  1. Play games on your phone – From mainstream games such as Candy Crush to Clash Royale to those random ones that no one but you understands, playing games on your phone is an entertaining way to help pass the time. Find a new game that you haven’t tried before (I personally recommend Sally’s Spa) and you’ll be at your destination in no time. However, if you do choose to spend your time playing games, don’t forget to bring a (portable) charger… the charging ports on the bus work 0.0001% of the time.
  1. Listen to music – For the majority of students who remember to bring their Airpods on the bus, listening to music makes these long bus rides a little less drab. For the select unlucky few who forget to bring their Airpods, do not fret – someone probably brought a speaker. Listening to music on a speaker is a great way to get the whole team pumped for the game. You can even create a collaborative playlist with your team on the bus!

Despite the dullness of bus rides, it is always possible to have a good time with your teammates on the drive. The five activities listed above guarantee a good time for you and your friends. The bus ride can be a favorite part of away games, so make the most of your time with your teammates and coaches. Good luck on all upcoming games – Deerfield, we’re cheering for thee!