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Staying Warm in the Dorm
Heidi Nam '23 Associate Editor
February 2, 2022

It’s cold here at Deerfield! If you have poorly heated rooms like mine, the battle against the cold never ends, even when you’re inside your beds, firmly nestled inside a blanket-cave and hugging your pillows for dear life. Staying warm is a struggle, and sometimes you can feel so helpless against the cool air because you can’t control the weather. To aid your fight against the merciless cold and snow of Deerfield’s winter, here is a list of seven survival items that will keep you warm and safe.

  1. Weatherstrips:
    1. Feel the cold air seeping through the hairline gaps in your windowsill? Block it out with weatherstrips! They come in various thicknesses and materials; I recommend foam or rubber for foolproof insulation. The best part is that a roll of weatherstrip comes with adhesive tape already attached, so all you have to do is peel and stick it on! 
  2. Electric heating pad:
    1. This heats up within minutes of clicking “ON” and it’s perfect for rolling out onto the bed! Once you get under your blankets, your cocoon of perfect warmth will remain undisturbed for the rest of the night! Sleep cold-free with an electric heating pad this winter. 
  3. Tea heater/warmer:
    1. All of you have probably experienced leaving your hot drink on the table for five minutes and coming back to find it lukewarm/cold. Your problem can be solved with a tea heater that keeps your tea/coffee warm for your enjoyment! It’s quite cheap and easy to operate. This nifty gadget is also known to keep food warm, as long as it’s sealed in a container. 
  4. Hand Warmer:
    1. Hand Warmers are better than gloves; they radiate heat and can keep your whole body warm if you put it in your pockets. If you’re the type of person who loses gloves easily, why not buy single-use hand warmers this winter and melt your frozen fingers?
  5. Long, fuzzy socks:
    1. Say no more! If you have cold feet, long, fuzzy socks are your go-to items this winter. Keep those toes protected with an extra layer; socks really do make all the difference! Best of all, they’re often cheap– did you see the $1 sock sale at Old Navy? Warm fuzzy slippers could be another alternative that will keep your body heat insulated. 
  6. Humidifier:
    1. You might think, “Question mark?”, but scientists have proven that buying a humidifier is effective against the cold. They also hinder the spread of viruses, which happens quicker in dry environments. Stay hydrated and warm with a humidifier. A note of caution: buy one that’s easy to wash (one without any convoluted structures)  or else it’s really hard to get rid of limescale once it settles.
  7. Thick, comfy pajamas:
    1. A good pair of pajamas don’t just set the tone for bedtime; they act like your personal tent tailored to fit your body, and ensconce you in a safe, sheltered bubble. For people who have grown up wearing pajamas to sleep, it can provide you with comfort knowing that you have a piece of home with you at all times. 

Your level of warmth can really make or break your day, so we at the Deerfield Scroll encourage you to stay toasty at all times with these must-have winter essentials! Stay healthy and safe, Deerfield! We wish you a warm winter in the Valley.