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Day in the Life at the COVID Inn
Nico Pfeifler '25 Staff Writer
February 2, 2022
Credit: Allyson Xu

9:20 AM 

I sluggishly awaken from a long sleep.Two loud knocks at the door signal that breakfast has arrived and I attempt to get out of bed.

10:00 AM

Attempt two to get out of bed.

10:20 AM

Ok, I really get out of bed this time. I need to get ready for my Zoom class at 11:00. I’m lucky I have a free period. 

10:30 AM

I get dressed, brush my teeth, and open the door to get my breakfast. I look into the brown bag and see delicious cold eggs and rice from the Dining Hall waiting for me. 

11:00 AM

I open my laptop and log on to my Zoom Spanish class. My teacher has COVID so all my classmates are on Zoom, though many are logged on from the classroom. I enviously look at the in-person students, free from the confines of COVID-19, as I begin conjugating my verbs on 

12:30 PM

I finish my Spanish class as I again hear two loud knocks at the door. Lunch has just been dropped off. I anxiously look into the brown bag for my second meal of the day. Beef and rice. Yum. 

1:20 PM

I log on to my second Zoom class of the day. This time, it’s English. My teacher struggles to connect his iPad to Zoom so that I can engage in the class discussion, but I can barely hear the other students. Oh well. I can’t wait to leave. 

2:50 PM

I finally finish my class, having actively engaged in the discussion for a good 30 seconds. I take a quick break on TikTok before I start my homework.

6:00 PM

I’m still on TikTok when I hear two knocks again on the door. Yay. It’s dinner time. Chicken and rice. I hate rice.

7:00 PM 

I finally start my homework. I work for a whole 20 minutes before taking another quick break on my phone.

10:00 PM

Now I realize why study hall exists. I again start my homework, only to be interrupted by blaring music coming through the paper-thin walls of the room next to me.

12:00 AM

I begin to get ready for bed after a hard day’s work, but first a little bit of Netflix.

3:00 AM

Ok I really need to go to bed. I shut off my computer after an exciting and studious day at the COVID Inn.