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Best and Worst Dining Hall Beverages
Billy Tang '25 Staff Writer
February 2, 2022

We all love drinks. Whether it be sweet, sour, or bitter, the icon of your beverage can say a lot about you. Your drink isn’t just something that you prefer but represents a part of your everyday life that is constant and enduring. With that said, here is what some of your drink choices reveal: 

Sugary Drinks: Lemonades/Sweet tea/Hot Chocolate

The taste of sugar meeting your tastebuds has never been sweeter. You relish the syrup’s occupation of your gustatory system. As an individual, you are incredibly energetic and love to go out and explore. Your desire for fun and laughter never fails to bring smiles to other people, and you like being the source of joy. Sitting around and doing nothing is wasted time when adventure calls right outside the dorm exit. For you, nothing is more important than making the most of your time. You prefer to be in big groups with your friends, socializing and having the comfort of your peers around you. Being alone is rarely desired and only when necessary or forced. You like to take life as it comes, meeting challenges and tasks by living in the present rather than employing meticulous planning to get through the term. Overall, you’re a  hearty individual that loves to be with your friends and do things together as a group. 

Caffeinated beverages: Coffee/Tea/Energy drinks

You love the kick of adrenaline that your drink provides, caffeine rushing into your system and warming your body’s engine for the day. Your sense of drive and purpose is what defines your day, whether it be exceeding your PR at the gym or writing a killer play that you want to showcase. You want to make sure you hit the ground running with no hesitation. That extra push from your energizer is the match that lights the motivation to get the task done, never failing to give you the energy to last you through the day. Your personality is goal-orientated, always thinking about hitting the next benchmark to achieve a greater goal, and you use caffeine as the whetstone for your focus. Without your drink, you can sometimes be cranky, irritable, or sluggish as you clamber your way through the day with a questionable amount of sleep and lethargic anxiety. But in the end, you’re an individual that people respect for having a goal and committing to it, understanding the drive it takes to do so. 


You’re often mistaken as simple for choosing water, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’re content with water, always reliable and unfailing, just like you. You’re somebody that thrives independently, who can hold themselves and the people around them accountable. The work and effort you put into the day is always consistent and rarely falters, something that is valued by both your peers and teachers. You’re also an incredibly flexible individual. Like water, you can adapt and find your own enjoyment in virtually anything, always done to try something new. Your open mind will also make it easy to get along with you, and your friends will have a mix of all sorts of backgrounds, passions, and talents. Overall, you’re an easy-going individual that everyone can rely on, and you have no problems making friends wherever you go. 

These are just a few of the traits your drinks can reveal. In actuality, everyone mixes multiple drinks (hence the combo drinks everyone does). So the next time you go to the dining hall, check what’s in someone’s glass and maybe you can meet a new friend.