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Off Campus Guide
Julia Zhao '24 Staff Writer
November 2, 2021

Despite Deerfield Academy’s seemingly isolated location, Greenfield, Amherst, and Northampton are just several  towns accessible to members of the community in distance. Whether it’s an excursion for food, activities, or relaxation, this guide has you covered.

Credit: Max Peh

Greenfield: The most accessible town to Deerfield students. Shuttles leave and return to campus every Friday evening between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. In addition to the Big Y supermarket, the Atlese market is a very convenient place for students to buy groceries within reasonable walking distance. For those interested in locally produced food and a fun market to stroll past, the outdoor farmers’ market happens every Saturday morning until late October, when New England weather  no longer allows for an open-air market. 

Amherst: The interesting part of Amherst lies around the universities. There is the Amherst College Museum at  Amherst College and the University Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; while the former is currently closed to outside visitors, the latter remains open in the afternoons. Compared to the exhibitions at Smith College, both museums are more educational, offering educational activities, though they are smaller in size. 

In downtown Amherst, Formosa Chinese Restaurant has a reputation for traditional Chinese savories. Around the corner, GoBerry, a frozen yogurt place,  provides an enjoyable opportunity to explore some new  flavors in addition to the vanilla and chocolate twist at the Deerfield Greer. Visual Arts Teacher Mercedes Taylor recommends the popovers from Judie’s, an American restaurant. 

Northampton: Northampton is a town of vibrant culture, with many places for food, despite its further distance from campus. The art gallery at Smith College, the SCMA, has the biggest collection of artwork near Deerfield.  This permanent museum contains a large variety of works ranging from ancient sculptures to contemporary watercolors. Near Smith College, Book Link Book Shop displays a beautifully and thoughtfully arranged bevy of books in its bijou two-stories store area. Unlike Barnes & Nobles in Hadley, its independence adds a tinge of personality to Book Link Book Shop. Aside from tranquility, if you are looking for a source of excitement, Tenpin bowling is the perfect place for  a Friday night. 

Continuing towards downtown Northampton, there is a series of nice restaurants for families. For instance, the India House strikes its visitors with both novelty as well as tastiness. When the weather is nice outside, the restaurant offers a beautiful terrace. Also in downtown Northampton, a haven  for people with a big sweet tooth, Tart is a place for great pastries. Language Teacher Matthew Westman recommends pan au Chocolat, a French croissant filled with chocolate sticks or ganache. 

Aside from urban life, Northampton also has a number of parks. Luke Park and the Child’s Park are both great places to relax  on a lazy Friday afternoon.  If you’re deciding between the two, note that Luke Park is larger and offers a small pond and public trails, while the Child’s Park has an interesting rule: no organized sports allowed.