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Artist of the Issue: Chris Gergis
Kaitlyn Xia '24 Staff Writer
November 18, 2021
Credit: Malachai York

Chris Gergis ‘22 has been singing for as long as he can remember. Growing up, Gergis’ grandfather played an influential role in teaching him to sing. They would sing together in church, specifically a hymn written by his grandfather. These experiences laid the foundation for Gergis’ love of music and contributed to helping him grow into the artist he is today.

Beginning his professional career at the age of seven, Gergis sang with the Metropolitan Opera in New York before coming to Deerfield at 13. During his freshman year, Gergis joined the Reme-D’s, Deerfield’s co-ed acapella, and, in his junior year, joined the all-boys acapella Mellow-D’s. Since then, he has become a co-leader of both. Gergis said, “I love both groups — they have different dynamics. Mellow-D’s is like a brotherhood, and Reme-D’s is more of a joint group.” One of the traditions he is most looking forward to is Mellow-D’s’ dorm runs later this year in which the Mellow-D’s “run” to each dorm on campus and perform a song. 

Gergis prides himself on taking advantage of Deerfield’s wide variety of resources for those interested in music, saying, “Everything that’s available to me, I do it.”

Fellow Mellow-D’s member Robbie Hua ‘24 noticed the qualities of dedication and determination that allow Gergis to be a successful leader and musician. Hua said, “He was very welcoming my freshman year, and he’s like my brother in a way.”

Gergis shared that one of his favorite memories from his time in Mellow-D’s was last year when, due to COVID-19, the group had to record its song ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ rather than perform it live. He particularly enjoyed the recording process, recalling, “To get the video for ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, we went around different places on campus. I even climbed a tree nearby, but luckily I had my boys to help me get down.” 

Echoing these sentiments of fun, new Mellow-D’s member Kabir Sheth  ‘25 said, “Chris always makes sure that we’re not only doing a good job but having fun at the same time.” 

Over this past summer, Gergis participated in an outreach program to donate items to underserved children. In order to raise funds for the program, Gergis utilized his musical talents, making his own rendition of the song “We are the World”. Gergis said, “I got a bunch of my singer friends, both Deerfield alums and current students, to help me make it.” Aside from raising money for charity, the video helped Gergis gain exposure. He said, “A producer saw it, and I’ve been working a lot with him.” 

Looking to the future, Gergis plans to release a recording album by this spring.  He remains passionate and committed to pursuing music, saying that it will stay in his life wherever he goes. One thing is for certain, regardless of the path Gergis takes, his legacy will remain within the school’s music community, and Deerfield is lucky to have him, his talents, and the fun he brings to the school’s music programs for one more year.